With our high quality products and technical support, we are here to help you safeguard your loved ones and monitor your home anytime and anywhere you go.

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  • We offer a wide variety of cameras and recorders that enable you to record events in high definition with face recognition features.
  • Our products are weatherproof and perfect for any working environment, indoors and outdoors.
  • Night vision capabilities enable clear recordings during night time.
  • PTZ (pan-tilt-zoom) cameras offer ability to capture a wide area or territory at different angles and perspectives by pan, tilt and zoom functions using a controller or a mobile application.
  • Well-developed software backend and mobile application for local and remote monitoring.
  • Schedule video and audio recording, enable motion detection capabilities, playback and backup modes.


Worried about leaving your main door unlocked? With our smart door lock solutions, we offer a sophisticated way of access to your home. Your smartphone can now be your key!

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  • Various access for your convenience – fingerprint, card, PIN, passcode, key, face or even your mobile phone.
  • Equipped with smart alarm for low battery and illegal operation.
  • Suitable for any type of doors – glass doors, wooden doors.
  • Grant limited access rights and keep track of entries using a mobile application compatible with Apple and Android phones.
  • Share temporary passcode from anywhere, anytime.


Do you want to know who’s at doorsteps?

With our video phone solutions, you can now see who rings your doorbell and even speak to them while they are still outside.

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  • Outdoor units are weatherproof and equipped with colour camera with wide viewing angles and night vision capabilities.
  • Devices have classic designs and consumes low power.
  • Indoor stations operates by touch sensor buttons, have auto-taking picture capabilities and real-time monitoring to door stations.
  • Adjustable color, brightness, contrast, volume, and display modes.


Using access control for your business is an extremely effective way to increase safety, security, and productivity. Keep your building safe and secured and know who is going in and out of your premises.

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  • Various access for your convenience – multi-biometric, fingerprint, finger vein, card, PIN, passcode, or face recognition.
  • Multi-verification modes.
  • Custom wallpaper and screen saver.
  • Embedded fingerprint registration tool.
  • Real-time event monitoring with door status icon.
  • Remote opening or closing of a single door or all doors.
  • Door management tools like individual door configuration for unlock duration and request to exit mode.
  • Mobile app supports user registration through Bluetooth connection.


Switching to an automated time and attendance system eliminates time theft, increase accuracy of payroll and decrease workload of your accountancy department. With the use of industry leading, innovative and cost-effective technology, we transform businesses to be more productive, efficient and a happy workplace.

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  • Provides full range of solutions including various fingerprints, RFID, face identification and palm verification, time clocks, portable time clocks and attendance management software.
  • Advanced anti-spoof function to prevent fake faces, photos, and video attacks.
  • Mobile application supports sharing attendance reports by email and adjust attendance rules settings.
  • Supports real-time attendance solution for employees who are always on-the-go can by reporting their attendance wherever they are using a smartphone.
  • Management software has a user-friendly interface, allows managing time table and shifting schedule, and generate attendance report.
  • Support multi-languages, attendance approvals by the admin, auto-synchronization of bio-metric templates, and real-time data transmission.


Metal detectors are among the most significant elements of security system by providing quick, effective, and non-invasive way of protecting assets, preventing losses, deterring theft, and detecting dangerous well-concealed objects in airports, schools, universities, event venues, government buildings, and businesses.

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  • Multiple-detection zones for maximum level of security.
  • Detects multiple metal objects simultaneously.
  • Adjustable sensitivity levels to meet varying threats.
  • LCD display and remote control.
  • Built-in counter for alarm and people.
  • High durability, anti-wearing and weatherproof structure.
  • Simple installation and user-friendly.
  • Supports various language interface customization.


Entrance barriers add extra layer of security to public venues and private enterprises as it controls the flow of people passing through. Equipped with sensors and advanced security, these intelligent entrance control systems will upgrade all your entry points, and improve employee access control and visitor management.

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  • Single or multiple-lane setup.
  • Different types of entrance control for different environments: tripod turnstiles, full height turnstile, flap barriers, swing barriers.
  • Supports different mode of entries: card, fingerprint.
  • Highly durable and generally suitable for indoor and outdoor use (sheltered).
  • Rugged build for maximum security.
  • Provides bi-directional access control.