Itawasol as an essential part of global solution provider represents the future of smart house.

The smart home can increase the level of convenience through remote access to the entire house however; it can make the house more secure through cameras and motion sensors which are affecting the entire security system. Accessibility is one of the positive features of smart homes which allows the individual to set schedule for automated tasks.  All these automated tasks enhance the energy efficiency and reduce the strain on natural resources.

Lighting Control System

The reason behind the usage of smart lighting is not only the reduction of energy consumption but it also adjusts the illumination to suit any situation. Smart lighting gives occupants wide range of simplifying lighting control of the intended colour with the personalized sense program in each room for romantic, party and social gathering moods. The lighting in any home can be managed by schedule, motion detection, door opening, sunrise, sunset, alarm activation and control through the smart phones or tablets.

Heating and cooling (temperature control)

The operation of heating and cooling system can maintain the house more efficient with an automatic adjustment when everyone is away. Fan coil unit system control through air-conditioning function which depends on the pre-set current temperature with the built-in algorithm. Setting the desired temperature in occupied rooms can increase the level of comfort faster and uses less energy with energy monitoring of individual use. The system can set to turn on and off automatically and remotely through iPad, iPhone and android app on a specific timing to make the better environment zone for the occupants.

Security Automation

Your home is your palace, and it is one of the biggest investments you will ever make. Keeping it safe and secure is a top priority of many homeowners. Itawasol creates the solution for your entire house through alarms, camera, motion sensors and more to develop the level of safety in your house. You can now have a peace of mind by monitoring your home’s camera and security systems. Moreover, you can make intruders out especially in an emergency situation through providing an option to monitor the doors are open or close via smartphones and grant others access, no matter where you are in the world. Everyone can directly monitor their house with the specific security system which has the recording backup option and playback. Also, we provide proven protection with compliant security and smoke, fire, carbon monoxide, water, and other hazards are detected by sensors. The security system contains the surveillance automation, video intercom and access control which provides the homeowners to check the people’s tracking near their house based on their movements and all the activities that happened near the place. They can easily set the alarm to aware them if something wrong is happening near their place. The system can communicate with a central monitoring station and provide SMS notifications on your smartphones.

Curtains/shutter control

Curtains always act as a natural barrier to keep heat in or out of a house. Using the motorized curtains, occupants can program to close or open the curtains whenever they wish to. Set the timing with alarm or close the curtains when everyone leaves the place until someone comes home. All the system can be controlled remotely through the smart touch panels, touch screens, iPad, iPhone and internet. This way can keep the house cooler during the summer and reverse during the winter time.


Music, it can brighten your mood, make your day or even transport you back to a favourite time or place and now thanks to technology, your favourite music moves wirelessly forward with you throughout your house. Music can be connected simultaneously in an entire house or can play a different song in every room with control of the sound system in each room. Control and manage your music with apps on android and iOS phones and tablets. Enjoy unlimited music, your existing collection and popular internet radio and music including high definition music services.

Energy Management

Smart home energy monitoring and management system develop a system that keeps everyone informed on all their system activities and their energy consumption. The system is capable to keep a track of each and every appliance in the home and the user will be able to acquire all appliances energy consumption parameters to compare the energy usage of different rooms. All information can be filtered and sorted by hour, day, and week or monthly however, the system automatically calculates the costs for energy consumption in any city rate.  Along with this, the energy consumption parameters of each individual appliance will be sent to gateway where an intelligent algorithm will be running to manage all the appliances as per user requirements. The user can monitor the energy parameters of each individual load using a smartphone and which will also work as a data setter to set various user programmable parameters like high/low cut-off voltage.

By automatically turning off loads when not in use, the system can provide energy savings in homes and offices. Applications for this system include workstations, open office cubicles, home offices, and home entertainment system.

Smart Panel

The smart panel provides the smooth and luxury display access to control the entire house by managing energy consumption, HVAC, lighting, and security in a minimalist user-friendly package. This panel can be used as the only individual switch in each room. This kind of panel is completely customized by changing the customs icons, screen color which can match with the existing interior.

The multiple control icons have an effortless efficiency impact in an entire house to minimize the excessive energy and water usage. Through this panel, everyone can easily have an access to each appliance and electrical system to control and manage what features or appliances are being used and instantly take care of it.  The specialized scene of this panel is giving a wide range of customized control program to manage moods in some appliance to work instantly together.