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The efficiency of employees in offices has a direct effect on office environment. As the physical boundaries are being crossed, the innovative inventions bridge the gap between the manual and automated technology to develop the creativity and revolution in a compound and moderated world.

Office automation increases the comfort of lifestyle, efficient power consumption and enhanced security. This revolution has been so complete and has infiltrated too many areas of businesses to control processes by a highly automatic system and reducing human intervention to a minimum.

CCTV automation

Nowadays, offices play the vital role in people’s life. Keeping it safe and secure is a top priority in every businessman mind. Recently, CCTV technology has been enhanced and it is more common in the world.  Recording every track happens inside and outside of offices, optimizing a greater value of comfort and efficiency. The system controls remotely through smartphones and tablets. Everyone can get the notification through email alarms, phone number or alarm linkage system. Everyone can directly monitor their office everywhere around the world with the specific security system which has the recording backup option and playback. Mind free about the details of pictures. The cameras detect the target and have a smart access to count the number of people.

Access control

Technology is changing and advancing at an incredible rate. This advance of technology has spread quickly in the world of access control system.  For decades, access control systems were considered a security tool that let authorized personnel enter a building or area. Advanced access control systems boast a variety of tools and benefits that are often overlooked. Access control systems can help any organization increase all the security to be fully controlled through finger point reader, card reader, pin code access or the combination of all. However, it reduces costs by enabling integration with a large variety of workforce products and solutions. This system can be set to open certain doors during set periods with the restricted access which improves the staff management reports.

IP telephone system

As you consider upgrading your telecommunications equipment, you are bound to hear that IP phone system is the next big thing in the phone system technology.  IP telephony is a sophisticated style of communication technology that allows all types of communications including audio and video through the usage of Internet Protocol (IP) network. IP Telephony is the term that has more to do with using equipment that uses the Internet Protocol that can automate greeting of users and transmits voice directly to the concerned department. Moreover, it gives ability for employees to look up their incoming calls through computer which has a great effect on cost efficiency and customers’ satisfaction. Moreover, it enables users to record the voices for security reason or leaving the voice messages so easily.

IT & Network solution

IT Network is a key activity to the personal growth and business development.  IT Network is a system that provides its users with unique capabilities, above and beyond what the individual machines and their software applications can provide and facilitate the sharing of data, printers, scanners and many more. with the complete Wi-Fi coverage. IT standardization is a strategy for minimizing IT costs within an organization by keeping hardware and software as consistent as possible and reducing the number of tools you have that address the same basic need. Moreover, one of the benefits of the IT network solution is the convenient data and telephone management that has an essential connectivity with the professional cables management.

Energy monitoring

One of the best ways of saving energy is to know how much you are using, where and when it is being used. Through energy monitoring, the consumption of gas, water, and electricity can be monitored in real time. It is important to know where the energy is going in order to eliminate wastage and save money 40% on bills. Companies with energy management programs generally achieve far greater savings than those without, because they review and manage energy use across the whole organization, to check who and how the employees use the energy on an ongoing basis.

Smart office

Smart offices produce smart data. The idea behind smart devices and smart spaces is that everything becomes more in tune and more efficient. Smart office makes the employee’s working environment so desirable. Using the remote control, smart lighting system, smart switches, access control, security and many more, increase the productivity of people at the same time decrease the energy consumption and cost saving. The result of which is more reliable, more efficient, better connections and more data to analyse on employee’s pain points and blockers.

By automatically turning off loads when not in use, the system can provide energy savings in homes and offices. Applications for this system include workstations, open office cubicles, home offices, and home entertainment system.